CSE-GOAT with historically drilled red granite hosting Bastnasite ( Bastnaesite ) in Quebec, 3 kilometers from Highway and 4 kilometers from St. Lawrence River.

39 drill holes from surface intersected the red granite hosting bastnaesite (bastnasite ) in 1977. 

Just like Mountain Pass, NYSE-MP, bastnaesite mine, where exploration for Uranium led to discovery of Bastnaesite, the Riv. Nabispi is drilled with holes returning Bastnaesite in 1977.

Drilling by the legendary, GOAT, Robert Quatermain, who logged the core also and discovered the Bastnaesite visible in the core.

The following is from Quebec government website The mineralization consists of bastnaesite, magnetite, zircon and some molybdenite scattered in a medium-grained red granite.  

From report 33904 Quebec database 

"There are two main phases of the red granite: a very coarse grained phase with the feldspars ranging up to 5 cm in size, and rare bastnaesite; and a more medium grained 0.2 to 1.0 cm equigranular phase containing bastnaesite, zircon, magnetite and rare molybdenite. The medium grained red granite is the principal host for the uranium, which appears to be associated with zircon and bastnaesite. ",