Titanium Stocks

President Biden mentioned low stocks of artillery shells, referring to 155 mm howitzer shells. Also, what junior penny stocks cater to munitions or bomb materials?

155 Howitzer shells made of Titanium and also have copper bands. Drone's utilize fragmentation ordnance that uses lightweight titanium shells.

CSE-GOAT with Quebec titles over 53.7% TiO2 grab sample from surface, and also on a 30,000 tonnes, non 43-101, Quebec Government  published resource past producing Titanium Mine on St. Lawrence River with no modern drilling exploration completed, within 50km of Rio Tinto Tio Titanium mine.

CSE-GOAT also with historic copper mine in famous Rouyn-Noranda, the Mine Corbet.

General Dynamics on NYSE, Raytheon on NYSE, Aerovironment on Nasdaq.