Lithium Stocks

Lithium Stocks

CSE-MOC adjacent CSE-PGA new Ontario Lithium discovery AND 10 kilometer corridor in Quebec with historic Lithium values in pegmatites.

CSE-GOAT adjacent CSE-PGA new surface exposed grab sample Lithium discovery in Ontario announced August 2, 2023. First 10 grab samples assay limit 10,000 ppm Lithium, which is 1% Lithium. Samples to be re-analysised for LiO2 content.

CSE-GOAT adjacent in McIvor and Church township, on Frazer Lake Mound Lithium discovery. Maps visible on 

CSE-GEMS with historic Lithium values across 2km's in historic rock grab samples west of Winsome Cancet and TSX-PMET Corvette Lithium discoveries.

CSE-GEMS also adjacent TSX-PMET Lithium discoveries in Quebec, in the same geology and within 5km of CV5 lithium discovery on south side, as per government of Quebec map, and the CV6, CV4 and Corvette Lithium deposits geology to the North within LCT Pegmatite type modelling. 

TSX-PMET with over 100 meter drill intercepts across multi km's at Corvette Lithium discoveries.

CSE-GOAT with Lithium extraction technology to be utilized in brines production. Adjacent CSE-LiFT and Historic Li values from pegmatites over 4.5km in Northern Quebec, 395 ppm Li from pegmatite.  Another Li project with 50+ ppm Li from area 10 km by 4 km wide, 60km from USA border in Quebec. Also, acquired over 40 Lithium occurrences, see company news. Including ground south of Patriot Battery Metals Corvette disvcovery and GOAT ground with historic Lithium values.

Frontier Lithium -T-FL, pegmatites being drilled and deposits identified, recent news 405 meter intercept returning 1.5% Li2O.

TSX-LiFT with several large land parcels in Quebec exploring for Lithium and NWT in Canada with historic Lithium occurrences and CSE-GEMS adjacent LiFT in NWT.

.TSX-PMET drilling several pegmatites in Quebec. Several pegmatites that are Lithium rich, with over 100 meter drill intercepts. CSE-GEMS, CSE-VR and CSE-GOAT to south in same geology, and CSE-GOAT to south with Lithium values.

CSE=BLNT with anomalous historic Li values in Quebec in several locations.

Core Lithium- Australian Stock Exchange- deal with TESLA MOTORS to supply Lithium.

Elon Musk tweet April 8, 2022 on Lithium

Elon Musk


Replying to @stats_feed

Price of lithium has gone to insane levels! Tesla might actually have to get into the mining & refining directly at scale, unless costs improve. There is no shortage of the element itself, as lithium is almost everywhere on Earth, but pace of extraction/refinement is slow.

ABOUT LITHIUM in Pegmatites, the top trading stocks host this type of Lithium deposits 

Link to the US Geological  paper 

 A.  LCT pegmatites typically occur in groups, which consist of tens to hundreds of individuals and cover areas up to a few tens of square kilometers (Ĉerný, 1991). 

B. The most significant change in LCT pegmatites through Earth’s history is that, by far, the largest deposits are Archean. Thus, for whatever reason, the potential for giant deposits seems greatest in orogens of that age. 

C. Most LCT pegmatites intruded metasedimentary rocks, typically at low-pressure amphibolite to upper greenschist facies (Ĉerný, 1992). This metamorphic grade setting is a guideline rather than a requirement. A few LCT pegmatites are in granite (Greer Lake, Canada) (Ĉerný and others, 2005), gabbro (Pala Chief, California) (Symons and others, 2009), or other igneous rocks. Unmetamorphosed sedimentary or volcanic successions are not prospective.